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CellDesignerTM is a structured diagram editor for drawing gene-regulatory and biochemical networks.
Networks are drawn based on the process diagram, with the graphical notation system proposed by Kitano, and are stored using the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML), a standard for representing models of biochemical and gene-regulatory networks. They are able to link with simulation and other analysis packages through Systems Biology Workbench (SBW)

Biochemical, Gene Regulatory Networks Modeling with GUI

CellDesigner 2.0 Screen Shot
Screenshot of CellDesigner 2.0 describing a part of Yeast Cell Cycle process.

Visual Representation of Biochemical Semantics

payway diagram comparison

Graphical Notation:
CellDesigner supports graphical notation and listing of the symbols based on proposal by Kitano.(http://www.sbw-sbml.org/workshops/sizth/sbmlsbwstockholm.htm).

Linkage to SBW-powered Simulator modules

SBML compliant

Easy data exchange with other SBML compliant application.

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