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Announcement / 2018 Calendar


21-24 APRIL 2018

Paris, France

EMBL CONFERENCE Hematopoietic Stem Cells: From the Embryo to the Aging Organism

7 - 9 Jun 2018

- HSCs production and regulation in embryonic, adult and old organisms - Differences and similarities between HSCs throughout development in different animal models 
- Role of the microenvironment in HSCs function and maintenance at different stages of life. 

The aim of the meeting is to bring together recognised experts and outstanding young team leaders around the central theme of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) production and regulation throughout life. It will be essential to generate new hypotheses and to move forwards our understanding of HSCs, the key cell type for the continuous production of blood cells throughout life. 

LOCATION & DATES EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 7 - 9 Jun 2018 

DEADLINES Registration - 26 Apr 2018 

Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2018/EHT18-01/index.html

7th Conference on Systems Biology of Mammalian Cells

2 - 4 July 2018

Abstract deadline: 22 April, 2018


EMBO PRACTICAL COURSE Molecular Geobiology

26 - 31 Aug 2018

Course Overview

This course will bring together early career researchers in the fields of geology, planetary science, micro- and molecular biology for an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Geobiology. Participants will be introduced to a collaborative environment and the course will facilitate interaction between researchers in multiple fields who would otherwise have a limited opportunity to exchange ideas. One of the core objectives will be knowledge translation and mobilisation.


This course is directed towards early career researchers, graduate students or postdoctoral researchers interested in geobiology. A background any of the following fields is essential - molecular biology, microbiology, geobiology, geochemistry, mineralogy or microbial ecology. 

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany, 26 - 31 Aug 2018

Application - 3 Jun 2018


BioNetVisA 2018 workshop

9 September, 2018

Athens, Greece

BioNetVisA 2018 workshop: From biological network reconstruction to data visualization and analysis in molecular biology and medicine




8-12 October 2018



The "Computational Modeling in Biology" Network (COMBINE) is an initiative to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats in systems biology and related fields. COMBINE 2018 will be a workshop-style event with oral presentations, posters, and breakout sessions. The five meeting days will include talks about the COMBINE standards and associated or related standardization efforts, as well as presentations of tools using these standards. Oral presentations will be selected from the submitted abstracts. In addition, poster sessions will allow people to inform each other about their software and other projects in a setting that fosters interaction and in-depth discussion.

ICSB 2018 - 19th International Conference on Systems Biology

October 28 - November 1, 2018

Lyon, France

The call for abstracts will be open from April 2018.


2nd Conference of the European Association of Systems Medicine

7 – 9 November 2018

Utrecht, the Netherlands



Abstract deadline: 7 August 2018


20th EMBL PhD Symposium: Game Changers - Taking Life Sciences to the Next Level

22 - 24 November, 2018

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 22 - 24 Nov 2018 

DEADLINES Registration - 5 Oct 2018 

EMBL CONFERENCE From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends

6 - 8 Dec 2018

  • Bioimage Analysis Workflows
  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Handling of Big Image Data
  • Image Data Annotation and Sharing
  • Image Data Visualization
  • Image Restoration, Registration, Segmentation, and Tracking
  • Smart Microscopy
  • Open Software Engineering

Why attend? 
Discovery in the life-sciences increasingly relies on quantitative analysis of microscopy images. The EMBL Conference: From Images to Knowledge with ImageJ & Friends (I2K) will bring together the developers and users of state-of-the-art open source solutions for biological image analysis. It will be a forum for discussing forward looking strategies for dealing with the ever increasing flood of large and content rich microscopy imagery.

LOCATION & DATES EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 6 - 8 Dec 2018

Website: https://www.embl.de/training/events/2018/IMJ18-01/