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Announcement / Up Coming Conferences

International Summer School on Principles-Oriented Systems Biology​ ​

July 1-12, 201​5​

Cantanhede, Portugal 

An intensive hands-on training program oriented towards discovering and understanding new organization principles in organism and molecular Biology 

Deadline for applications: April ​30

Systems Biology of Infection Symposium - 2nd Edition

September 6th – 10th, 2015

Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland


 Infectious agents continue to pose a great threat to human health and the fight against them is gaining momentum. It is a race against time as multi resistant pathogens gain in virulence and geographical coverage. The growing field of Systems Biology of Infection aims at uncovering the complex host-pathogen interactions necessary for pathogen invasion. This multidisciplinary field relies on imaging, modeling, systems biology and infection biology to solve those crucial questions. Building on the success of the June 2013 ''Systems Biology of Infection''conference, the second edition of the symposium will focus on the latest progress in the field and will feature expert researchers from around the world.

ICSB 2015 - 16th International Conference on Systems Biology

Nov 23-26, 2015

New dates and venue for ICSB 2015:
November 23-26, 2015 @ Biopolis, Singapore
Nov 23-24  conference @ Biopolis
Nov 25-26  workshops  @ Fusionopolis

(2015/4/24) ICSB 2015 at Shanghai, China was cancelled. 
Shanghai, China