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Researcher / Postdoctoral positions for Systems Biology available closed

ERATO-SORST Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project (http://www.symbio.jst.go.jp/) has an opening for researcher or post-doctorial fellow to work on systems
biology research. The project is funded by Japan Science and Technology Agency as a part of SORST Program and carried out by The Systems Biology Institute.

A position is available for those who are interested in development of the computational platform for systems biology; including development of CellDesigner, SBML, and SBGN, application of web 2.0 to biological knowledge accumulation, and other novel ideas on computational platform for systems biology.

Extensive collaborations with other institutions in Japan and around the world are expected.
The position is based on annual contract and for approximately two years until the end of the current funded project. The office and laboratory is in Tokyo . Salary range and benefits is based on JST scale.

For details, please contact Hiroaki Kitano (job at sbi.jp) with your research interest, major papers, and CV. Title of e-mail should be "SORST POSITION: your name"

posted 2007.02.06