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Postdoc in systems biology open

The postdoc will implement a computational model of transcriptional networks that is both realistic enough to be related to yeast data and simple enough for experimental evolution to be rapidly simulated. The model will then be used to study a range of questions, including network topology and the evolution of robustness/canalization to mutation, to the environment, and to the stochasticity associated with small numbers of molecules in cells.

The postdoc will work closely with PI Joanna Masel
(http://eebweb.arizona.edu/Faculty/bios/masel.html) at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and will also interact with collaborator Mark Siegal (www.nyu.edu/fas/dept/biology/faculty/siegal) at NYU.
The position is renewable over multiple years, and is available immediately. Ph.D. with modeling and/or scientific programming experience is required. Experience in systems biology, genomics, evolutionary biology and/or the biology of transcription factors and their binding sites is preferred.

Contact Joanna Masel at masel at u.arizona.edu for more information and to apply.

posted 2007.04.11