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Post-doc in Systems Biology of Cancer closed

A two years post-doctoral position is open at the Institute of Mathematical Research in Rennes (France) for Computational Systems Biology of Cancer, starting with September 1, 2007.

This position is created to support the participation of IRMAR to the interdisciplinary project SITCON (Modeling signal transduction induced by a chimeric oncogene) in collaboration with the Curie Institute in Paris and with IRISA in Rennes (Symbiose team).

Job description:
Qualitative modeling of molecular pathways involved in the Ewing inducible cellular model.

The role of this post-doc is to apply and to extend existant qualitative approaches to heterogeneous data in cancer. These approaches use qualitative equations, graph theoretical methods and polynomial coding in Galois fields. Qualitative modeling will be used for three purposes:

1) Construction and correction of graphical models which integrate information from heterogeneous data: micro-arrays, micro-RNA, ChIP-on-chip, CGH, time series. Data is provided by our collaborators in Curie Institute.

2) Qualitative analysis of transduction pathways and of their cross-talk.

3) Experiment design.

The successful candidate will collaborate with Ovidiu Radulescu in IRMAR and with several members of the group Symbiose (computer science, IRISA).

Requirements for candidates:
We expect the candidate to have formation in mathematics, physics or computer science. Experience in modeling molecular mechanisms in biology will be appreciated. It will be advantageous to be able to demonstrate some knowledge of basic biological mechanisms involved in cancer (regulation of cell cycle, apoptosis, etc.) and to have experience of collaboration with biologists for solving concrete biological problems. Another advantage will be familiarity with standards in Systems Biology (SBML, BioPax) and with existing software for pathway modeling. Programming skills are needed. Good communication skills are required.

Job location:
Institute for Mathematical Research and IRISA, Campus de Bealieu, 35042 Rennes. This job offers true interdisciplinar environement. IRMAR is one of the best university institutes in France, as well as a world-class mathematical center. IRISA, a flexible and excellently managed structure, strongly supports interdisciplinarity: many IRISA teams host mathematicians, biologists and physicists working on interdisciplinar projects. Rennes is a small, enjoyable university town, in the pleasant to live Brittany (north-west of France), not far from unique sea shore.

Contact for more information:
ovidiu.radulescu at univ-rennes1.fr

For more information about IRMAR:
For more information about IRISA:

Applicants should submit a letter of motivation (with reference ANR SITCON), a detailed CV with publication list, and the names of three referees by e-mail to ovidiu.radulescu at univ-rennes1.fr

posted 2007.06.05