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QB3 Fellow for Systems Biology
University of California, San Francisco

The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) invites applications for Fellow positions in Systems Biology. UCSF seeks exceptional individuals to carry out an independent and creative research program in quantitative approaches to understand complex biological systems.
The focus of the positions is primarily on computational and theoretical models, however, Fellows will have the opportunity to work in wet labs through collaboration. UCSF
provides an interdisciplinary and highly interactive collegial environment.

Appointments are for three years, with generous salary and research support. For more information about our programs visit: http://ipqb.ucsf.edu and http://www.qb3.org.

Candidates must have strong quantitative backgrounds and have received, or are soon expecting, a Ph.D. degree in relevant areas, including Biology, Mathematics, Physics,
Chemistry, Computer Science, or Engineering.

Applications should be submitted by January 31, 2008 to receive full consideration. We will continue to review applications until the positions are filled. Please send CV,
summary of current/past research (1-2 pages), description of future research (1-2 pages), and 2-4 letters of recommendation to:

Kalai Diamond
Attn: QB3 Fellow Search Committee
University of California, San Francisco
1700 4th Street, Campus Box 2542
San Francisco, CA 94143-2542
Kalai.Diamond @ ucsf.edu
Fax: (415) 514-2073

UCSF is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer. The University undertakes affirmative action to assure equal employment opportunity for underutilized minorities and women, for persons with disabilities, and for covered veterans.

posted 2007.12.13