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Mathematical Modeler Job Posting open

Mathematical Modeler Job Posting

Company Overview
Immunetrics is a bio-simulation company that specializes in in-silico modeling. Immunetrics modeling technology is intended to provide critical information to drug developers to accelerate and improve the drug discovery and development process by providing clinically predictive models of disease. Immunetrics' bio-simulation technology enables drug discovery and development firms to gain comprehensive insights into the potential problems facing a compound before investing significant resources into time-intensive and costly animal testing and human clinical trials. The Immunetrics models are based on dynamical systems modeling, i.e. systems of differential and algebraic equations, which represent the actual biological mechanisms that drive components of the system.

Mathematical Modeler

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Function as part of a team of mathematical modelers to design and develop cell-based mechanistic models of complex biological systems
  • Research biological literature and understand biological pathways and physiological processes
  • Analyze clinical data and work with statisticians to perform data analysis
  • Develop and test new models using Immunetrics proprietary platform
  • Perform fits of mathematical models to experimental/clinical data
  • Design and perform clinical trial simulations on Immunetrics proprietary platform
  • Perform routine presentations of recent research and findings
  • Regular meetings with physicians and investigators
  • PhD in Bioengineering, Chemical, Mathematics, Physics or related field
  • Experience with the development of mechanistic models of biological systems is required
  • Knowledge of biology is essential
  • Strong background in computation, especially differential equations and parameter estimation
  • Familiarity with researching biological literature using available tools
  • Experience with large mathematical systems is preferred, but not essential
  • Some knowledge of statistics is preferred, but not essential
  • Strong communication skills and ability to communicate with physicians and investigators.
Please submit resumes or CVs to careers @ immunetrics.com

posted 2008.02.01