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Systems Biology Posts at Aberdeen and CISBIC open

We are currently recruiting to the large interdisciplinary Combinatorial Responses In Stress Pathways (CRISP) team which will be jointly based at the University of Aberdeen and at CISBIC, Imperial College London. are seeking ambitious and committed scientists to join the CRISP team. This team will include four experimental biologists, four applied mathematicians, six PhD students supervised by the ten group leaders. The project will study the Systems Biology of stress responses in the medically important fungi Candida albicans and Candida glabrata. We will combine advanced modelling techniques with state-of-the-art genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology in these pathogens. This project is funded by the BBSRC under the SABR initiative for up to five years.

A PDF summary of the available posts can be found at

posted 2008.02.18