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Centre for Integrative Systems Biology at Imperial College (CISBIC) closed

Centre for Integrative Systems Biology at Imperial College (CISBIC)

A PhD position in systems biology of plants is available at Imperial College, London from 1st October 2008. The position is funded by a joint Microsoft Research/BBSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award, and will be jointly supervised by Dr Radhika Desikan (Biology) and Professor Jaroslav Stark (Mathematics/CISBIC). The award, for a total amount of £90,000 will cover tuition fees and living expenses.

The project aims to build a mathematical model of the integrated signalling networks in plant cells called stomatal guard cells. These cells regulate water and gas exchange between the plant and the environment. Modelling of the signal integration processes is essential in order to understand better how plants may be able to survive adverse conditions, such as those caused by global warming. The project will develop a dynamical model to fit the existing data. The model will in turn inform the choice of further biological experiments, and their outcome will enable more complex modelling. Deterministic methods from linear and non-linear differential equations will be employed (such as bifurcation analysis) as well as stochastic differential equations.

A student with mathematics/computer science/computational biology background (with grades equivalent to a UK first class honours degree) of a nationality from those countries eligible for the DHPA (see www.rcuk.ac.uk/hodgkin/ ) will be eligible. The student will interact with both biologists (in RD's lab) and mathematical modellers (in JS group/CISBIC) in order to further this project.

For further details contact Dr Radhika Desikan (r.desikan at ic.ac.uk) or Professor Jarsolav Stark (j.stark at ic.ac.uk). Closing date for applications is 30th April 2008. A PDF of this advertisement can be found at


posted 2008.02.29