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Postdoctoral Fellowship: Mathematical Modeling of Viral Transcriptional Circuitry open

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Mathematical Modeling of Viral Transcriptional Circuitry
U of California, San Diego

Dr. Leor S Weinberger's laboratory (recently moved from Princeton) seeks applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship (2-3 years) exploring HIV and viral transcriptional regulation from a dynamical systems approach. The specific research project is flexible and can be tailored to the interests of the individual, but should fall under the broad fields of  transcriptional
regulation and circuitry. Our lab is a joint theoretical and experimental lab ( http://chem-faculty.ucsd.edu/weinberger) that stresses close interaction between theorists and experimentalists and houses all the computational resources and the wet-lab experimental infrastructure (including several confocal microscopes for measuring single-cell transcriptional dynamics in vivo) required for joint theoretical/experimental projects. Applicants will be considered from a diverse spectrum of backgrounds  (including PhDs in mathematics, statistics, physics, biology or related areas) but preference will be for highly
motivated applicants with excellent communication skills. The ideal candidate should also have training in dynamical systems (including computer simulation skills), good interaction capability with experimentalists and a proven record of independent research. The postdoctoral fellowship provides a competitive annual stipend plus benefits and health insurance. Start date and term are negotiable. Applications are welcome from candidates of any nationality, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. UCSD offers an outstanding intellectual environmental with many top-five ranked scientific departments (including Biochemistry and Bioengineering), a highly regarded medical school, a Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP), and close proximity to the Salk and Scripps Institutes.  Highly motivated applicants are encouraged to email a statement of research interests, CV,
and contact details for three references to lsw (at) ucsd.edu. Informal inquiries are also welcome. Please see our website for further info:http://chem-faculty.ucsd.edu/weinberger

posted 2008.02.29