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Senior/Research Associate (Bioinformatician - Network Analysis) closed

Newcastle University, Centre for the Integrative Systems Biology of Ageing and Nutrition
Senior/Research Associate (Bioinformatician - Network Analysis)

Ref                        A1090R
Faculty/Services     Medical Sciences
Department            Institute for Ageing & Health
Job Type                Research
Hours of Work        Full time
Salary: Level F: £25,134 - £32,796
           Level G: £33,779 - £40,335
Closing date: 15 April 2008

We seek an experienced bioinformatician or computing scientist with a strong research background in biological networks and their analysis, and a sound understanding of molecular biology. Ideally, you will also have a detailed knowledge of high-throughput post-genomic technology.

The development and use of functional integrated networks are an important focus of CISBAN and your role will be to continue to progress this area of research taking responsibility for the continued research and development of the CISBAN integrated networks database CID.

You will also research and develop novel methods of representing and integrating molecular and cellular data as networks and to apply this methodology to the characterisation of novel proteins, and elucidation of novel pathways, involved in the process of cellular ageing and senescence.

You will also interact closely with the other bioinformaticians, computing scientists, biostaticians, mathematical and computational modellers on the CISBAN project and therefore good communication skills are required.

This post is for a research associate to join our existing expert team and is available immediately.

Tenable until 30 September 2010.

Informal enquiries may be made to Dr. Anil Wipat, anil.wipat @ ncl.ac.uk

Please apply online at

posted 2008.04.10