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PhD student researcher closed

FORSYS Junior Research Group
Systems biology of pancreatic cancer

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics group
University of Rostock

Job description:
  • Research in systems biology of pancreatic cancer in an interdisciplinary junior research team working in collaboration with the Department of Gastroenterology at the Medical Faculty
  • Mathematical modelling of chemical kinetics and transport processes of cellular signal transduction pathways in pancreatic cancer on basis of quantitative experimental data
  • Analyzing model properties using methods from dynamical systems theory
  • Development of mathematical tools for experimental design
  • Statistical analysis of QTPCR and western blot data


  • Degree in Systems Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering or Biochemistry
  • Experiences in the above research fields
  • Interest in interdisciplinary research in the life sciences
Salary: E13, full time job
Starting date: June-September 2008
Project duration: 2 years, with the possibility for extension (five years maximally)
Deadline: May 20, 2008.

Further information: Dr. Katja Rateitschak Tel. +49 381 498 7573

Application expenses cannot be reimbursed.
Submit your application (CV, certificates, etc.) in pdf format to:

Dr. Katja Rateitschak
FORSYS Nachwuchsgruppe
LS Systembiologie und Bioinformatik
Institut fuer Informatik Universitaet Rostock
D-18051 Rostock Germany
katja.rateitschak @ uni-rostock.de

posted 2008.04.16