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Senior Scientist - Gene Synthesis Program Manager open

Biosearch Technologies, Inc. helped launch the market for synthetic oligonucleotides,  and continues to advance nucleic acid technologies - now in the area of commercial manufacture of synthetic genes.  To join our team of scientists we are seeking a program manager for this exciting new field on the vanguard of biotechnology--an individual with an accomplished academic or industrial record in the fields of molecular biology, synthetic biology or  biochemistry. Efficient and meticulous development is needed to advance gene synthesis as an automated, high-throughput, production process; preferred candidate has previous experience in a similar environment.

Specific Responsibilities:
Develop, evaluate, and track new methods for synthesis, cloning, and sequencing;
Integrate such methods into an automated ordering and manufacturing infrastructure;
Initiate and maintain professional dialog with customers, collaborators, and beta testers;
Fulfill customer purchases while further advancing the methods;
Supervise technicians or researchers who participate in the production process;
Design and/or operate bioinformatic programs to provide support in gene construction.

PhD in a relevant field and 2 - 5 years of academic/industrial experience, or a Master's degree with 5 - 10 years of relevant experience.  Comprehensive understanding of recombinant DNA technology, cell culture, and protein design.  Previous experience in oligonucleotide synthesis, synthetic biology, and/or the scripting/coding of bioinformatic programs offers a distinct advantage.

If interested, please reply via email to:
hr @ biosearchtech.com

posted 2008.06.06