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Post-doc position in Computational Biology of Cancer at Institut Curie, Paris, France open

A postdoc position in Computational Biology of Cancer is open at Institut Curie, Paris, France, in the context of a project that join together bioinformaticians, biologists and clinicians.

The position is open immediately and created for 2 years with possible extension.


Institut Curie is one of the biggest European institutions for cancer research with strong and old interdisciplinary traditions. It also comprises a hospital specialized in cancer treatment, and therefore dispose of a continuum of expertise from fundamental research to patient care. It is located in the center of Paris in a both cultural and scientific rich environment (see http://www.curie.fr).

The Bioinformatics Laboratory of Institut Curie was created in 2003. In January 2008, it has become an INSERM mixed unit "Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology of Cancer" (unit 900 INSERM - Mines ParisTech - Institut Curie) involving about 50 researchers and students. It is a very active and growing interdisciplinary team of biologists, physicians, mathematicians, statisticians, physicists and computer scientists (see http://bioinfo.curie.fr).

Mission of the postdoc:

The postdoc will work at the interface of the "Bioinformatics and Computational Systems Biology" laboratory and the biologist and clinician groups. She/he will be involved in the integration and computational analysis of data collected on tumors and models using microarray and deep sequencing technologies, and encompassing several levels of observations: mutation screening, DNA copy number, transcriptome profiling (including small RNAs), DNA methylation and histone modification screening ...

Requirements for the candidate:

The ideal candidate will have a background in bioinformatics, statistics, and/or molecular biology. Knowledge of one programming language and of sequence analysis is required. A strong interest in cancer research is necessary. The candidate must have a strong capability to collaborate simultaneously with experimentalists and theoreticians.


Please send CV, letter of motivation and references to bcsb22 @ curie.fr

For further information please contact Emmanuel.Barillot @ curie.fr

posted 2008.08.05