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Positions in joint experimental and theoretical systems biology projects open

The Division of Theoretical Bioinformatics at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) is inviting applications from highly qualified candidates to work in interdisciplinary systems biology projects with a strong focus on medical/therapeutic applicability. The DKFZ is a world‐leading institution in the field of applied and basic cancer research. 
Within DKFZ, systems biology research plays a leading role and is carried out in close cooperation with BioQuant the Center for Systems Biology at the University of Heidelberg, where part of the positions will be localized.

Project A:
  • 1 Junior Group Leader Ref‐No. 198/2008
  • 1 Postdoc Ref‐No. 199/2008
  • 1 PhD‐Position Ref‐No. 200/2008
(All positions are initially limited to three years with possibility for prolongation)

The goal is to develop and improve predictive multi‐scale (spatio‐)temporal models to incorporate biological mechanisms spanning different time‐ and length scales from protein signaling to multi‐cell communication and tissue/tumor development. The focus will be on elucidating cellular decisions and cell‐cell communication. Applications will range from understanding life‐death decisions in apoptosis/autophagy pathways, tumor‐stroma interactions in cancer, development of tumor progression markers to the understanding of wound healing processes in skin.
Candidates should hold a degree/PhD in physics, applied mathematics, engineering or biological sciences, having demonstrated expertise in interdisciplinary research, systems biology, biophysics and/or nonlinear dynamics.
Experienced applicants will have the opportunity to lead an established subgroup on systems biology including the supervision of Postdocs and PhD‐students.

Project B:
  • Central Data Management of experimental and clinical data: 1 IT‐professional Ref‐No. 201/2008
(initially limited to 2 year with possibility for prolongation)

The goal is to extend our Oracle based data management system for the maintenance of high dimensional experiments in the fields of biological and medical research.
The specific tasks are software development in Java with J2EE and J2SE Design, implementation and maintenance of multi‐tier‐solutions and GUI‐development of Web Frontends. Job experience with standard‐frameworks such as Spring or Hibernate and Tools (ANT, CVS, Eclipse) is desired, additional experience in Unix, Shell scripting, Tomcat WebServer, WebServices and XML‐Standards is preferable. Candidates should hold a degree in computer science.

Initial Deadline for applications is 1.12.2008 but further applications will be assessed until positions are filled.

For further Information please contact Prof. Dr. Roland Eils (06221‐423600, sekreils @ dkfz.de).
The German Cancer Research Center is committed to increase the representation of women in sc
Please send your application (mentioning the reference number) including area of interest, CV and copies of diploma certificates, two references with email addresses, details of previous research experience and research interests to:

Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum
Personal‐ und Sozialwesen
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
D‐69120 Heidelberg
or apply online at: www.dkfz.de

posted 2008.10.31