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Junior Researcher in Computational Systems Biology open

CRS4 (Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia) Italy-Sardinia-Pula

Position: Junior Researcher in Computational Systems Biology, 2-years renewable contract.

The Bioinformatics Laboratory of CRS4 (Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia) has a Junior Researcher position available to work in the area of Computational Systems Biology in the RAGNO Group (Reverse-engineering and Analysis of Genome scale NetwOrks).

The Junior Researcher will be part of an ongoing project with focus on analysis of gene expression data in context of large scale Protein Signaling Networks. The aim is to discover dys-regulated signaling modules in cancers and neurological diseases, and discovery of general principles of gene expression (dys-)regulation of signaling systems.

Applications are invited from those interested in the computational aspects of Systems Biology and Functional Genomics. The suitable candidate has a PhD and strong experience in statistical analysis of gene expression data, systems biology and complex network analysis, and programming experience with C++, Matlab or R.

CRS4 Bioinformatica, established in the Sardinian Technological Park located in Pula (Ca), Italy, is an interdisciplinary research laboratory with focus on computational biology since 2006. CRS4 Bioinformatica currently harbors several groups that carry out fundamental research, develop computational tools and provide educational services for bio-medical research, in particular for personalized medicine. Our research activities are tightly integrated with an experimental laboratory providing exceptional facilities for high-throughput analysis. More than 20 people representing a wide range of expertise and experience in bioinformatics and related scientific disciplines are currently working in independent research groups fostering top quality interdisciplinary research.

CRS4 Bioinformatica
Alberto de la Fuente

How To Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by February 21, 2009. Send your cover letter, curriculum vitae, list of publications and the names of at least two references to job_bioinfo @ crs4.it. Please send all documents in pdf format and use as subject line "Application for RAGNO Group Position".

posted 2008.11.27