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Postdoctoral Researcher in Systems Biology open

The Global Security Computing Applications Division (GS-CAD) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has an opening for a postdoctoral researcher in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology. The successful applicant will contribute to the research and development of systems biology tools integrated within the Protein Function Prediction Platform project, supported by DTRA's Transformational Medical Technology Initiative, to enable rapid genome-scale analysis of newly sequenced pathogens, provide a higher-level context for the biological function of proteins and pathways of interest, and support research to identify and analyze potential target genes for countermeasure development. The candidate will develop methods to predict and analyze pathway modularity and pathway membership based on protein structure-to-function and protein-protein interaction predictions generated by other modules of the project. The successful candidate will work as part of a computational and systems biology team, and will have the opportunity to interact with molecular biologists, geneticists, immunologists, biochemists, chemists, engineers, physicists and computer scientists. Will also have the opportunity to pursue independent (but complementary) research activities. Will report programmatically to the principal investigator and administratively to GS-CAD's Computational Biology & Bioinformatics Group Leader.

NOTE: This is a one-year term appointment with the possibility of extension to a maximum of three years. Eligible candidates are recent Ph.D.s within five years of the month of the degree award at time of the employment offer.
- Integrate systems biology tools into the larger platform, and to develop novel ways to bridge between high level systems-based insights and low-level protein structure and structure-to-function analyses working closely with other members of the Protein Function Prediction Platform project.
- Develop and implement methods to predict and analyze pathway modularity and pathway membership based on protein structure-to-function and protein-protein interaction predictions
- Develop strong, mutually beneficial scientific collaborations interacting with other staff members within GS-CAD and the Biosciences and Biotechnology Division.
- Present results at group meetings, workshops, scientific conferences, and sponsor meetings.
- Prepare research results for publication in scientific journals.
- Prepare monthly progress reports to support project needs and deadlines.
- Identify and pursue complementary research problems.
- Perform all assignments in accordance with ESH&Q, Security, and business practice requirements and policies.


- Recent Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or Biological Sciences with significant bioinformatics experience.
- Candidates must show significant achievement in computational biology, and a strong background in genomics, systems biology, or protein structure.
- Demonstrated competency in a broad range of bioinformatics tools and databases (e.g., BLAST, CLUSTALW, HMMER, Pfam, NCBI databases, PDB, Uni-Prot, Gene Ontology).
- High-level analytical and programming skills, preferably in Perl or Python, as well as first-hand experience with the analysis of large-scale biological data sets.
- Advanced technical writing skills with a publication record in peer-reviewed literature and experience presenting research results to a large audience.
- Demonstrated initiative, leadership, and communication skills with desire and ability to work in a collaborative, multidisciplinary team environment.

- Hands-on experience with SRI International's Pathway Tools platform and the BioCyc collection of pathway genome databases.
- Expertise in metabolic modeling, protein structure modeling, molecular dynamics, protein function prediction, protein annotation, pathogen biology, or immunology.
- Expertise in Machine Learning, including HMM, SVM, Bayesian methods, etc.
- Knowledge of Matlab, R, SQL, Lisp.

Please apply via http://jobs.llnl.gov, job# 008779


For more information, contact Dr. Patrik D'haeseleer, patrikd at llnl.gov

posted 2010.09.01