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PhD Systems Biology Multi-Cellular Simulation (open) open

In the frame of multiple systems biological projects funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF: MEDSYS, FORSYS, Virtual Liver, GerontoSys) the Hamamatsu TIGA (Tissue Imaging and Analysis) Center f the University Hospital Heidelberg is looking for a

PhD Systems Biology / Bioinformatics: Multi-cellular Models, Networks & Simulation.

We have developed the foundations of a novel multi-cellular simulation environment based on multi-agent ystems (Bioinformatics, 25(16):2057-63) for epithelial tissue, especially for the simulation of the rapid renewal rocess of human skin. In this simulation behavioral models of individual cells interact to form the emergent roperties of epithelial tissue. Therefore, we are offering a PhD position in which novel strategies will be eveloped to integrate molecular network based models into cell behavioral models for subsequent simulation.
Thereby logical or qualitative network models will drive the behavior of each cell. Experimental reference data re generated in our own lab from native tissue and in vitro experiments.

Environment: The TIGA Center is a cooperative unit with multiple partners and is hosted in the internationally eading systems biological center BIOQUANT at the University Heidelberg. You will work in close collaboration ith multiple research groups of the University Hospital (e.g. National Center for Tumor Diseases), German ancer Research Center (DKFZ) and other groups. The open position therefore offers an exciting environment or interdisciplinary research with state-of-the art modern systems biology. We offer a friendly but dynamic orking atmosphere where you have the unique opportunity to daily work with experimentalists in our own and related groups to optimally continue your scientific career.

Position: We are looking for a committed and integrating personality who values this special environment and would like to contribute his or her outstanding experience. Your background should be from computer cience, bioinformatics or a related discipline. You should have experience in software developing/engineering JAVA preferred). You will closely interact with biologists, therefore a general background in bioinformatics s expected for understanding the project needs. Also we expect a strong interest for multi-cellular systems iology, the ability to communicate in English in daily routine and the interest in contributing to scientific publications.

Your application should contain
a) a detailed CV
b) a description of previous scientific experiences (please select a representative publication)
c) your interests or method spectrum
d) two possible contacts for references

The position is currently limited for 2 years. Salary is according to TV-L 13/2.
The University of Heidelberg is an equal opportunity employer.

Please send your application exclusively by e-mail to: tiga.jobs@googlemail.com
PD Dr. Niels Grabe,
Institute for Medical Biometry and Informatics,
University Hospital Heidelberg.

posted 2010.09.29