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Bioinformatics Scientist, Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics srl open

A Bioinformatics Scientist position is available at Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics srl Research Center in Siena, Italy.

We are building a core service for molecular epidemiology of bacterial pathogens at the Novartis Research Center and we are looking for a bioinformatician to serve as the expert database developer and data manager within the team. The primary responsibility of this position is to provide a framework for the statistical analysis of genomics data from a variety of projects within the institute and as part of world-wide collaborations. On-going projects cover a broad spectrum of topics, from the analysis of whole genomes to epidemiology of selected antigens for vaccines development.

PhD in bioinformatics, mathematics, physics, computer science or related field and familiarity with biological research problems. Experience in statistical analysis of large genomic datasets is essential, in particular molecular evolution and phylogeny methods. Familiarity with systems biology data and tool integration platforms is highly desirable.

Required skills:
* Solid understanding of computational techniques associated with whole genome sequences
* In-depth knowledge of public biological sequence databases
* Fluency with Perl and R
* Good programming skills in at least one OO language: Java, C++
* Experience with a mainstream RDBMS: PostgreSQL, Oracle or MySQL

Knowledge of computational methods for molecular epidemiology and population genetics are a plus.

The successful candidate will join a team of bioinformaticians and software engineers. We value highly the ability to react quickly to evolving requirements and implement creative solutions using existing open-source software. The initial appointment will be one year.

Please send a CV and two reference letters to the following address: claudio.donati @ novartis.com

posted 2010.09.29