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Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Computationa Systems Biology open

Application End:  Saturday March 31 2012

The Laboratory of Computational Systems Biology at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University is currently expanding its research team and is looking for highly motivated and talented individuals to a three year-fixed term post.

The position is available to participate in a project focused on parameter estimation in computational systems biology.

A central challenge in computational modeling of biological systems is the determination of the model parameters. Typically, only a fraction of the parameters (such as kinetic rate constants) are experimentally measured, while the rest are often fitted. The fitting process is usually based on experimental time course measurements of observables, which are used to assign parameter values that minimize some measure of the error between these measurements and the corresponding model prediction.

The goal of our research is to develop effective, fast, and scalable methods, techniques and tools for automated parameter estimation for computational analysis of biological systems. Our approach considers a generalized form of the problem provided that traditional fitting to experimental measurements is enhanced by considering several explicit hypotheses about expected behavior of the system. We employ computer science approaches, methods and techniques as known from the analysis of computer systems (like model checking) to fit parameters according to the expected behavior.

Candidates must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent) awarded after 1 April 2008, should be highly motivated and have either a strong background in systems biology, molecular biology, cell biology or biochemistry OR a strong background in informatics or computational modeling and an interest in biological systems. Candidate must have excellent analytical skills, and strong interpersonal and communication skills.

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2012. The gross salary is about 2200 EUR per month. The post is available from 1 September 2012, but the precise starting date is negotiable.

Interested candidates should email their CV, list of publications, brief statement of interest and career goals, names and contact information for 3 references contained in one single PDF file to:

Prof. Lubos Brim
Masaryk University Brno
Faculty of Informatics
Botanicka 68a, 602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Email: brim at fi dot muni dot cz

posted 2012.01.05