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BIOGEMMA is seeking A System Biologist/Bioanalyst open

BIOGEMMA is seeking
A System Biologist/Bioanalyst

Biogemma is a leading European plant biotech company based in France, dedicated to research in genetics and genomics in field crops, for the improvement of native traits and the development of GM. You will be immersed in a multidisciplinary environment, where collaboration and search for innovation are crucial and permanent.

Role purpose:

Join the Genomic and Genetic Research Group, and participate to our gene candidate discovery process for plant traits and breeding by analyzing complex datasets in the context of biological pathways and omics data. Your main mission will be to responsible for the interpretation of large scale array-based data (genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics) related to trait of interest (Yield, drought, nitrogen use efficiency...) and in relationship with quantitative genetic data. Identify and build biological networks and pathways that may help us in the understanding of such complex traits.

Primary responsibilities:
  • Analysis of transcriptomic/metabolomic data, genes networks, pathway analysis
  • Data-mining and experience with managing high throughput 'omics data as well as public repositories such as NCBI, PlexDb, Genevestigator...
  •   Experience in Biology, computational biology, Bioinformatics, preferably with a focus in large scale data analysis.
  • Experience with modern high-throughput 'omics data including sequence expression, genomic variation and metabolic profiling data is highly desired.
Required skills:
  • Experience with gene expression analysis and gene interactions networks.
  • Experience with pathway databases and softwares (Pathway studio...), analysis and visualization tools such as Spotfire, GeneSpring...
  • Tools of bioanalyst (UNIX, Blast, GGB, gene prediction, promoter analysis etc...)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills,
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French or/ and English.

Application instructions:
Ref 12-GGC-001-CR is mandatory when submitting your application
Apply until 30 April 2012: rh @ biogemma.com

Additional information:
Temporary contract (15 months); position based in Chappes, France (63, Puy-de-Dôme). Starting date as soon as possible.

posted 2012.03.21