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A post-doctoral fellowship at Sanofi R&D open

A post-doctoral fellowship is available for a period of 18 months in the department of Structure, Design & Informatics at Sanofi R&D, Vitry-sur-Seine, France for a successful applicant with a recent PhD or up to 3 years postdoctoral experience in systems biology.
The main missions of the postdoctoral fellowship are as follows:

Apply mechanistic PK/PD simulations to drug discovery projects and contribute to the development of new drug molecules
Contribute to the precise description of selected drug target networks and their interactions with small molecular and/or biologic drugs
Initiate the construction of multi-scale computational models capable of explaining organism level PK/PD features
Contribute to the understanding of the origins of the variability in drug response at the single cell, tissue, organ and patient level that arise from differences at the level of the proteome, genome and metabolome

Experience in the systems biology field, understanding of basic pharmacology concepts and good skills in mathematics as well as knowledge of modelling tools like Matlab/Freemat, Copasi, KEGG etc are prerequisites. Good communication skills, ability to work in a collaborative fashion and proficiency in English are a must.

Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical company with more than 110 000 staff worldwide.
Our research site in Vitry (15 km from the centre of Paris) employs more than 1000 people and offers a stimulating, interdisciplinary research environment. 

posted 2012.08.03