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Web Developer/Programmer Position at Harvard Medical School open

Web developer position available immediately in The Wall Lab at Harvard Medical School to participate in the design of mobile and web-based health applications that make diagnostic processes more efficient. Successful applicants must have superior programming skills and web design capabilities. We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate interested in research, autism, and enjoys learning new web-based and programming applications.

You will be designing a cloud-based web application for scientific research with multiple user login, administrative backend, and secure data collection and reporting.

Expertise in Python, HTML, MySQL, CSS, git (and github), and Unix command-line tools
Experience in web development with Django or other Python web frameworks (Flask, Pyramid, etc.)
Basic knowledge of system administration and security best-practices
Preferred: Highly preferred:
experience with Amazon Web Services or other cloud computing environments
knowledge of encryption and secure transmission/storage of data and files
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related discipline
Experience in team-based development
Willingness to learn new applications
Please respond with a cover letter and resume when applying.
Jena Daniels
Study Coordinator
The Wall Lab: Harvard Medical School
(603) 661-1312

posted 2012.12.18