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postdoctoral position advertisement in Systems Developmental Biology open

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Genetics at Albert Einstein Medical College in New York City to study the dynamics of gene expression oscillations underlying the vertebral segmentation process by using zebrafish as the model organism. 

Interested candidates must have a PhD degree and a strong record of accomplishment and experience in the following areas: genetics, systems biology, imaging and computational biology. 

The applicants must have proficiency in English, at least one first author publication in a reputed international journal from their Ph.D. work, enthusiasm in pursuing research in systems developmental biology. Developmental Biology experience is preferred, but not necessary. We are looking for a colleague who is collegial, highly motivated and independent. 

Please send applications, which should include a cover letter detailing your past research accomplishments and future research goals, and a complete CV (with bibliography) by email to:  

Ertuğrul M. Özbudak 
Department of Genetics 
Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Email: ertugrul.ozbudak @ einstein.yu.edu 

Salary support will be based on research experience and accomplishments.

posted 2013.03.29