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Postdoctoral position in computational and systems biology available in Lille, France open

A postdoctoral position is available in the department of Physics of Université Lille 1, France, to work on the dynamics of regulatory etworks underlying circadian clocks and their design principles. The esearch will be focused on the mathematical modeling of the circadian lock of the microscopic green alga Ostreococcus tauri and will e conducted in close collaboration with the group of biologists at bservatoire Océanologique de Banyuls who have first identified streococcus clock genes.

Candidates are expected to have a strong background in nonlinear ynamics as well as in computational or systems biology, in the ontext of! cellular regulatory networks. A significant programming xperience is also required (preferably C/C++ or Fortran under a linux nvironment). The post-doctoral researcher will base its research on n extensive set of experimental time series recorded in Banyuls to xtend the current knowledge about the molecular networks of streococcus clock. The results obtained in this project will be of igh significance for the circadian biology field, because : (1) streococcus clock appears to be closely related to that of rabidopsis thaliana but with a simpler architecture, (2) previous athematical modeling of this clock has revealed a very interesting trategy to buffer fluctuations in daylight intensity. A complete mathematical model of the clock would therefore provide a simple xample of a robust clock network.

The contract is for one year, extendable for 10 additional months. The onthly net salary is! about 2200 euros. Candidates should send as soon s possible a cover letter stating their motivations and CV to Marc efranc (marc.lefranc@univ-lille1.fr), preferably before June 1st, 013. They should also arrange for two reference persons to send simultaneously recommendation letters to the same address. Before applying, candidates are advised to check whether the position is till available at http://www-phlam.univ-lille1.fr/perso/lefranc/postdoc.html where they will also find more information.

The ``Dynamics of Biological Networks'' team comprises three permanent esearchers (Marc Lefranc, Quentin Thommen and Benjamin Pfeuty). The esearch aims at understanding the dynamical behavior and design rinciples of biological networks, in particular signaling cascades nd genetic oscillators (circadian clocks, cell cycle,...), using the ools of nonlinear dynamical systems theory and statistic! al physics.

posted 2013.04.17