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2 Post-doc positions for computational systems biology open

We are looking for enthusiastic candidates for postdoctoral positions in reverse engineering as well as pplying and developing methods for the analysis and integration of heterogeneous high-throughput data. These are required and to be applied to a portfolio of international research projects. The candidates will be involved in reverse engineering of regulatory networks of the corresponding target systems; and analysis and integration of large experimental datasets obtained from project collaborators using appropriate computational platform. These positions require extensive communication and collaboration with computational modelers, bioinformaticians, biologists, microbiologists, engineers, and clinicians. 

For these positions we request a solid background in computational biology and a good understanding of molecular biology. In addition, you are characterized by a high degree of independence and responsibility. Dedication, teamwork and persuasiveness complete your profile. Due to our international orientation, good knowledge of English is essential. 
In particular: 
• Knowledge in pattern recognition, machine learning, multivariate statistics and large-scale 
data mining; 
• Experience in inference of the underlying regulatory networks of prokaryotes, yeast, algae, 
and/or mammalian cells using transcriptomics and proteomics data; 
• Good programming skills (e.g. C, C++, Python, Perl, Matlab or equivalent) and experience 
with data integration platform development; 
• Ability to collaborate independently with other project members to implement, develop, and 
refine relevant computational tools; 
• Experience in doing research in a multi-disciplinary team; 
• High interest in biological challenges and in combining different scientific disciplines to 
develop new insights and skills; 
• Willingness to learn new skills to support other computational tasks when necessary; 
• Willingness to travel to our European partners is prerequisite. Depending on your qualification 
a 2-4 week stay in the Netherlands may be required during the familiarization phase. 

• PhD degree in Computational Life Science, Bioinformatics, Physics or an equivalent discipline; 
• Practical experience dealing with gene ontology, annotations notions, and public repositories 
of omics data; 
• Extensive experience in C, C++, Python, Perl, or equivalent plus ability to work with other 
programming languages; 
• Fluency in written and spoken English. 

We offer 2 post-doc positions with an average working time of 40 hours per week for each position for a period of 2 years with possibility of extension. 
The payment will correspond to the fare of the public service (TVL 14) depending on your qualification. 

Please apply electronically to info@lifeglimmer.com with your CV, cover letter, and supporting 
information in a single document (max. 3MB). The application deadline is July, 10th 2013.

LifeGlimmer GmbH
Markelstr.. 38
12163 Berlin
Handelsregister Amtsgericht Charlottenburg 
Steuernummer: DE 282 940 451

posted 2013.07.07