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Bioinformatics Post Doctoral Fellow open

Laboratory for Public Health Informatics and Genomics 
niversity of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 

Job Title: Bioinformatics Post Doctoral Fellow 

Summary: The Laboratory for Public Health Informatics and Genomics (LPHIG) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has one postdoctoral research fellow position available for immediate appointment. The position is available for bioinformaticians who are interested in translational science in support of personalized medicine and public health by enhancing patient-centered outcomes through analyzing genomic data, extracting meaningful information from electronic heath/medical records and developing, conducting and simulating predictive models. 

The objective of LPHIG is to conduct research and seek translation of genetic discoveries into better understanding of disease prevention and health promotion. LPHIG conducts research and promotes collaborations with local, regional and international public health organizations to identify and test the use of genomics, genetics, electronic health records, and other environmental data sources to improve patient centered outcomes and achieve a reduction in inequalities in public health. We create approaches that bring the power of emerging computational technology together with biomedical and public health informatics techniques, tools and methods to create applicable public health information and evidence. Current projects include a pharmacogenetic patient-centered outcome research project to develop optimized treatment plans for segmented patient populations by conducting modeling, simulation and prediction studies based on large longitudinal comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR) complemented with genetic information and a molecular examination of the mechanisms of transgenerational disease inheritance. 

Role and Duties: As a member of LPHIG, the Fellow will assume important roles in prioritized LPHIG projects including: leading the computational efforts associated with LPHIG projects; work with the lab Director to identify and describe key pilot projects; participate in multidisciplinary project team projects to achieve research milestones; and participate in the training of graduate and undergraduate students. 

Qualifications: The ideal candidate has received their PhD in the computational science, bioinformatics, or related field of study within the last three years. Candidate must excel at modern bioinformatics skills such as python, perl, R, cluster computing or similar. Preference will be given to applicants with demonstrated research aptitude and a driving interest in improving medical research. The diversity of subject matter will require a creative mind and a candidate capable of deploying imaginative strategies and who is dedicated to solving complex and challenging problems. Applicants should be highly motivated and flexible, with excellent communication skills, and work well within an interdisciplinary 

How to apply: Email applications including curriculum vitae, summary statement of personal objective and research interests, PDFs of no more than three papers, and the names and email addresses of three references to: Peter J. Tonellato, Ph.D., ptone @ uwm.edu, 414-227-4019. 

For general interest in working at the LPHIG send CV, statement of objective and interests.

posted 2013.12.20