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Postdoctoral Position in Computational Systems Biology at the University of Lille, France open

Topic: "Computational modeling of stress response in normal and cancer cells."

Our team combines experimental and computational modeling techniques to study the response of mammalian cells to various stresses such as oxidative, thermal and metabolic stresses. The goal of this project is to characterize the main differences between non-cancerous and cancerous cells in their sensitivity (survival/death rates) to stress signals, with the long-term objective to develop novel anti-cancer therapeutic strategies. The fact that cancer cells typically show aberrant metabolism and proliferation and our experimental ability to induce various types, intensities and durations of stresses motivate the study of several related issue! s: What are the relevant timescales involved in stress responses? Are there non-trivial effects in combining stress signals? How do normal or cancer cells coordinate stress response, metabolism and cell cycle?

The postdoctoral position is dedicated to working on the computational modeling side of this stress response project. Models will be useful to provide both quantitative and qualitative insights into the dynamics of stress-response factors and of cell fate decisions under various stress conditions. Modeling work will mainly consist in (i) identifying the known cellular pathways involved in stress-specific responses, (ii) translating these signaling, regulatory and metabolic networks into ordinary differential equation models, (iii) simulating and analyzing the model behavior under various settings, and (iv) comparing with experimental data.

Candidate profile
The candidate should have: (i) a strong back! ground in physics or applied mathematics, especially computational and theoretical skills in working with systems of differential equations; (ii) basic notions of cell biology and biophysics gained from previous research experience; (iii) ability to work within a team environment.

Position and application details
The position is for one year renewable, and would start between October 2015 and January 2016. Net annual salary is about 28000€ and includes a benefits package (health insurance, retirement and unemployment benefits). The laboratory (http://www.phlam.univ-lille1.fr/) is located on the Villeneuve d'Ascq campus of the University of Lille. Lille is a lively city connected by highspeed train to Brussel (30mn), Paris (1h) and London (1h30). Applicants should send a letter of motivation, a CV including a complete list of publication and at least 2 letters of recommendation to: quenti n.thommen @ univ-lille1.fr and Benjamin.pfeuty @ univ-lille1.fr

For more informations: http://www.phlam.univ-lille1.fr/spip.php?article1066

posted 2015.07.11