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Postdoc: Systems Biology of converging signal transduction pathways, Penn State open

We seek a postdoc to join a collaborative project between Prof. Réka Albert (Physics) and Prof. Sally Assmann (Biology) at the Pennsylvania State University. The project will integrate computational analysis (by graph theoretical and dynamic modeling methods) and experimental investigation to develop dynamic models of convergent signal transduction pathways in plant biology. The specific setting will be plant guard cells, epidermal cells that enclose microscopic pores, stomata, through which plants take up CO2 and, inevitably, lose water. In response to the plant hormone abscisic acid (ABA; an indicator of drought and other stresses), and to elevated concentrations of CO2 (the substrate for photosynthesis), complex signaling networks are activated in guard cells that drive stomatal closure. The Albert and Assmann groups have a strong track record of collaboration in this field (e.g. PLOS Biol. 2006, PLOS Comp. Biol. 2014). The postdoctoral associate will build on this foundation to construct a network model of guard cell ABA and CO2 signaling. (S)he will also develop graph theoretical and combinatorial logic methods to describe convergent and overlapping directed networks, with implications for the general phenomenon of cross-talk in biological systems.

The ideal candidate should have experience with network analysis and dynamic modeling. Requirements include a Ph.D. in Physics, Mathematics, or other quantitative science and experience with modeling biological systems. Due to the collaborative nature of the project, the successful candidate will be an excellent interdisciplinary communicator and team player. 

Interested applicants should write to rza1 @ psu.edu and include a CV. 

posted 2017.06.26