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Systems Biology chosen as a Runners-Up of Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year 2005 (2005.12.27)

Systems Biology is chosen as one of the nine Runners-Up of Science magazine's Breakthrough of the Year 2005. Details

posted 2005.12.27

JOBS: An AstraZeneca-sponsored research position in Systems Biology in the University of Cambridge

posted 2005.12.01

JOBS: Three Postdoctoral Positions in Universdity of Connecticut Health Center (2005.11.30)

posted 2005.11.30

JOBS: Faculty position in Bioinformatics at THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT SAN ANTONIO

posted 2005.11.20

JOBS: A Faculty position in Computational Cell Biology at Virginia Tech.

posted 2005.11.10

JOBS: Scientific Curator of BioModels Database

Location: California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Job description: We seek a Scientific Database Curator to contribute to the maintenance and extension of BioModels Database.
Closing date: 30 November 2005
Web page: http://www.biomodels.net/

posted 2005.11.01

W-TEC Report on Assessment of International Research and Development in Systems Biology is now On-Line (Oct 2005)

W-TEC report that represents US view on current state of systems biology and assessment of competitive strength of each coutry they have investigated is now on-line.
The mission is headed by Dr. Marvin Cassman, a former director of NIGMS/NIH.

posted 2005.10.30

BBSRC calls for proposals Systems Biology of Microorganisms

BBSRC announed a call for research proposals on systems biology in microorganisms (SysMO). Along with recent series of calls such as Complexity in Biomolecular systems (COMBIOSYS) and Centres for Integrative Systems Biology grant, BBSRC announed a new program that focus on microorganisms. Deadline for expression of interest is Nov. 1 2005

posted 2005.10.20

CellDesigner 3.0 Released (2005/10/15)

CellDesigner 3.0 now supports a new notation that enhanced previous process diagram into gene and RNA, as well as protein complex structure. It also supports simulation and parameter scan by an integration with SBML ODE Solver.
By using CellDesigner3.0, you can browse and modify existing SBML models, simulate and view the dynamics through an intuitive graphical interface.

posted 2005.10.15

CellDesigner 2.5 Released (2005.9.1)

CellDesigner2.5 now supports simulation and parameter scan by an integration with SBML ODE Solver.

posted 2005.09.01

CellDesigner 3.0 alpha Released (2005.8.4)

Preview version for new graphical notation.

posted 2005.08.04

CellDesigner downloads Top 5000 (2005.06.9)

More than 5000 copies of CellDesigner has been downloaded in a year since its release in June 2003.

posted 2005.06.09

CellDeisnger 2.2 Released (2005.5.24)

Connection to the databases such as PubMed and DBGET is now supported.

posted 2005.05.24