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BioModels Database

biomodels_75x50.pngBioModels Database is a part of the international initiative BioModels.net, the resource provides access to published, peer-reviewed, quantitative models of biochemical and cellular systems. Each model is carefully curated to verify that it corresponds to the reference publication and give the proper numerical results. Curators also annotate the components of the models with terms from controlled vocabularies and links to other relevant data resources. This allows the users to search accurately for the models they need. The models can currently be retrieved in the SBML, CellML, SciLab XPP-Aut, and BioPAX formats.

[Le Novre N, Bornstein B, Broicher A, Courtot M, Donizelli M, Dharuri H, Li L, Sauro H, Schilstra M, Shapiro B, Snoep JL, Hucka M. BioModels Database: A Free, Centralized Database of Curated, Published, Quantitative Kinetic Models of Biochemical and Cellular Systems. Nucleic Acids Res., in the press]

posted 2008.03.27