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CellDesigner 4.0.1 (2008.8.12)

components40_120.png Features:
CellDesigner 4.0.1 is the bug fix version of CellDesigner 4.0. Ver.4.0 enhances Graphical Notation, based on SBGN Level 1 proposal.

KineticLaw_edit_250.png * If you create/edit a file with this new version, your model will not be able to open with the lower version of CellDesigner.
Please check the file compatibilities.

Operating Environment:
  • Windows (XP or later)
  • MacOSX (10.4 or later)
  • Linux with X Window System (Fedora Core 4 or later)

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    Bug Fixes
    - Notes data may be lost when saving the file.
    - SBW connection: CellDesigner annotation data is not passed to SBW modules.
    - Database link to Genome Network Platform is not working
    - Incorrect error messages for simulation.
    - Cannot set stoichiometry value other than 1