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SBW modules

SBW modules

the Systems Biology Workbench (SBW), an open source framework connecting heterogeneous software applications. SBW is made up of two kinds of components:

  • Modules: These are the applications that a user would use. We have a wide collection of model editing, model simulation and model analysis tools.
  • Framework: The software framework that allows developers to cross programming language boundaries and connect application modules to form new applications.

Most of SBW modules are available from the website below.


posted 2006.04.25


CellDesigner is a software suite for systems biology which enables grpahical editing of biological networks, simulation. It comply with SBML and SBGN, and can connect to SBW to utlize analysis packages.


posted 2006.04.25


JDesigner is a graphical network editing tool developed by H. Sauro. It is tightly connected with Jarnac.


posted 2006.04.25